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“REGAINING FREEDOM (artists speak)”


Tuesday, November 19th 1.30 PM SLT

The lost freedom of battered women is the theme proposed to different artists, that develop it, each one of them giving a very personal vision of what it suggests to them.

Kicca Igaly has built an installation that will serve as a hall for the presentation of the machinimas that speak in images, in some cases also with voice, about the main topic for this year.

Kicca Igaly also presents an explanatory text, which complements her work:
Free ... free at last!
Deciding not to suffer more the oppression of a violent man ...
Deciding and manage his own life ...
And holding the hand of her son, leave the house-prison, leaving a defeated man, that launches a last gesture compartment of recall.
The machinimas, mostly made for this event and therefore unpublished, belong to artists from different countries, Spain, France, Luxembourg, United States, Peru, Puerto Rico, in an attempt to, on my part, transform this important world problem in an international act too.
Not only women are sensitive to this social scourge. Many men also want to denounce it. Hence, besides being international, my call to them and their positive reception, has resulted finally in the exhibition that Galerie Artemis will present.

Presented artists: : Elros Tuominen, Gregory Kappler, HOLALA Alter, Karima Hoisan, LeMelonRouge, Mary Wyckentowe, Mauro Enyo, Natascha Randt, Nitro Fireguard, Noke Yuitza, Yesikita Coppola.

The event can be followed also in the land:

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