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help with autodesk maya


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hello all :P, i been nervous wanting to speak in the forums but i have been learning to use maya for a minute now and i am learning how to make hair. i cant make the hair that i want to make because when i rigg the hair with smooth bing is fine and all. but when i do the paint weighting everything is all out of wack i dont know how to delete weighting info. and i serched everywhere D: and when i jus did a test upload i got the regular unrigged product like this:


but when the joints and skin weights are added it looks like this :


and when i try to add textures they are all out of wack but thats another question lol

i dont know if it is because i am using a cube and not a cylinder or a nurbs, but i do need help badly i cant keep serching and finding nothing ;\

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To delete the weighting info and start from scratch just select the hair in Object Mode and then click at the top of your screen Edit>Delete by Type>History or in Animation mode click Skin menu at the top of your screen then click Detach Skin.  To switch to Animation click the drop down menu in the upper left corner of your screen just under the File menu.

The problem I see in your photo is that part of your hair is weighted to the mCollarRight joint and perhaps the mElbowRight joint.  You probably want to have the hair just weighted to the mSkull, mHead and mNeck joints.

Search YouTube for Skinning and Weighting tutorials there are a ton of them.  

Here is a link to a tutorial created by Sea Luan specifically for how to skin and weight mesh for SL.  It is an awesome video.


Another thing only polygon mesh can be uploaded to SL.  You can't use nurbs unless you convert them into polygons but that is usually very messy.  You also probably need to watch a few tutorials on how to create and edit UVs.

I hope that helps. :)

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