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when can I go into adult world of SL



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Two answers (assuming that you are at least 18):

1. When you have set your own maturity preferences (a) in Preferences >>> General (b) in Search and © in Marketplace.  In each place, there are obvious [G], [M], [A] options.

2. When you are more than 30 days old.  Even if you have set your maturity preferences, you may find that some club owners and landowners on Adult sims will eject you until you have been in SL for a month.  That's becuase a high proportion of the nastiest people in SL are newbie griefers.  They last only a week or two before they either get bored and leav or they get banned by LL.  So, ejecting newbies is just a way for some club owners to keep griefers out.

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