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Listing Enhancement Performance Automatic Terminated

THEHERO Snowfall

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Very bad Support from "Commerce Team Linden" ,they are unable to fix small issue,  At least REFUND my Linden ??

I am again and again Losing Liden from my account, whatever I am paying for "Listing Enhancement Performance" for my products, it is automatic "teminated" within 2- 3 days , They only  REFUND ME one time

but now this is happening with my all products,I am losing my money...

I am very "disappointment" with CTL , I think they have Found new Way to Earn Linden from Accounts

Case Number :  01817909

if any CTL  member watching my post, please look my Case Number and help me to solve my problem.

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I write here, a new time :matte-motes-bashful: Results of my recent study of how LL play with MP ?

I did it and I found plenty of very interesting things.

In first, there are no bug on MP, no one can sincerely believe that there are bugs uncorrected for more than 24 months. It is clear that from the beginning, the system has been designed to directly influence the success or failure of stores.

Now, time to list the evidences :

Easy test :

simply identify some products, see the size of the land, seniority, number of objects, the number of review. etc...
Then you have to target a narrower than the outfit, of course, it's easier, but it also works for clothing.

Then, take some time to scroll through items on the homepage. Do not try to memorize everything, just those in the category you are targeting. :matte-motes-dont-cry: bingo
Evidence appears clearly emerges a carefully sequenced hierarchy
Overall after testing the system, we can define three 4 levels.
 - Top level, the product often appears at any time and regardless of the selected language and PG / Mature / Adult.
 - Medium level, the product appears once or twice per hour, no more.
 - Low level, the product never appears, but the report makes you think that your product appears, it is wrong, I insist it is wrong, the product does NOT appear.
 - Ostracized, the product never appears, of course, but you also do not have report of enhancement ! The LL support replied that this is a bug, but the product is present in the homepage. In fact this is a lie, the product never appears, you do not have a report and if you click any button, the system will load L $ and you can always expect to be refund.

The question is who pays for what and how, to choose the category: top level, medium level, low level or worst: ostracized

I think your shop is in low level or ostraziced category ..., sorry for you and "welcome" on this sad club.

In our side, despite we will close sims and so one for a problem of refund, (for 899 l$ ! ) nothing change ...


Best Regards, Motoko



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No one here can help you and there are no Lindens here.

Get in line behind a lot of merchants.  The same thing is happening to them too and has been for months with no end in sight. It is not a small issue but a major issue that they don't seem to be able to fix.  Some merchants lose tens of thousands of L's a month this way.  With this kind of money involved I have to wonder if LL is very motivated to fix it.  If you search this forum you'll find several threads about this.  Here is the last one.

LL reportedly refunds your money once a month processing it around the 3rd. so you won't get any money back until around January 4th or so depending on if these dates are business days I would imagine.

I would file a ticket for all of your products well before the 3rd so you will get your funds back.  When you do other merchants advise that you transfer them to an alt account or cash them out quick or you will lose the money again to more charges. Clean the account you use for MP out frequently for the same reason and don't take out any new ads for your products unless you don't mind loaning LL more money.




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"and don't take out any new ads for your products"

It is the KEY of the MP problems and bugs. So some merchants can buy AD and other can't ... and it is the goal !

Of course there are no bugs, LL play with the success or the failure with this system, and it is finely calculate, absolutely no bug. I can bring all proofs very easily !


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