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Roleplaying Jobs @ New Royalton Estates


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Interested in a two SIM, fun & friendly environment that just sets your day with the most realistic settings Second Life has to offer? Not only do you get to roleplay on a exciting SIM, you also get your own place right off through the SIM and Royal dollars (A Royalton currency) to pay and buy the necessary things you need in living. Hows that for a new experience? Experience a one of a kind roleplay with New Royalton Estates. We are now offering role playing positions of: 

Waiter/ Waitress (Pay: 100 Royal Dollars per hour + Tips)
Police (Pay: 1000 Royal Dollars per week)
Salon Tech (Salary is 150 Royal Dollars per hour + 50% linden commission on paid packages)
Teller (Salary: 100 Royal Dollars per hour. )
Judge (Pay: 600 Royal Dollars per case )
Lawyer (Pay: 500 Royal Dollars per case )
Maintenance (Pay: 500 Royal Dollars per case + Tips)
Dispatcher (Pay: 400 Royal Dollars per hour)
Doctor/ Nurse (Salary is 250 Royal dollars per hour + 50% linden commission on all paid services)
Gas Station Attendant (Pay: 200 Royal Dollars per hour + Tips)
Auto Mechanic (Pay: 800 Royal Dollars per week)
Car Salesman (Pay: 500 Royal dollars per week + 500 Royal Dollars per car sold)


For any interested readers, teleport to New Royalton's City Hall apply on our job kiosk machine:



For any further questions IM torakagi for more info.


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