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Rent in A House Residence / Store @ New Royalton Estates


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Following a two SIM community living, New Royalton Estates is currently looking for more residents and store owners to move in to one of the most amazing, well detailed, & most realistic settings Second Life has to offer. Yes, that's right! Experience a one of a kind roleplay with New Royalton Estates. We have other things to offer, such as:

- Digital currency, bill pay system, and random event interactive homes! Pipes burst, windows break, toilets clog and more! Just pick up your in home phone and call for services!

- Get a car loan with our sim currency. Cars break down, need maintenance and more! Just come down to the auto shop for repair!

- Spacious homes and townhomes

- Daily events at our live theatre and all over the sim including murder mysteries, karaoke, plays, and more!

- Fully interactive and staffed hospital, L I F E Burrito Bell, restaurant, police station, community college, city hall, hair/nails salon, bowling/arcade, L I F E HUD enabled store, bank and more!

- 24/7 tenant support


Only 6 vacancies left, hurry before it's over!


Available house residence for rent:

800 prims for L$2000 a week


1200 prims for L$3000 a week


1200 prims for L$3000 a week


1200 prims for L$3000 a week




200 prims for L$500 a week


150 prims for L$375 a week



Start a fun life now in SL with New Royalton Estates. 

Check our facebook to see more of New Royalton Estates: 


For more info, please IM torakagi.

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