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Blender Mutiple texture Baking issues.


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I've created this house in blender. I used Mutiple Materials each with it's own set of textures. Each part of the house has been selected and placed in a UV map with it's texture.
this comes to about 10 parts in all.
The house looks just the way i want it to. However I need to bake all the textures into one texture map. so
I can use it in Second life.

But i can't get the texture map, I created a new UV map, I select everything in edit mode. lay out everything with smartproject and pack in the islands. create a new basic image, black (2000x2000) in the UV editor.
So now i have my design layed out flat, everything is selected. And i hit Bake.

But then everything becomes one texture. If i select a different material and click assign and bake again, everything becomes that texture instead. All i want to do is to bake all the textures and materials at once.

The only way I can create a texture map now is to select each part of the house one at a time, Assigning the right material and baking each part of the house one at a time, but even then the baking mess up. if i select the whole house, everything because one texture again.
Here's a Imgur picture of the house, all textures applied. the second picture is the failed baking attempt.

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Alright Nvm, I found the solution to my own problem.

I found out that when i Rendered the imagine it came out the exact same way it did when it baked.

I then discovered that i had to Assign each of my selection to the correct material, in which the selection represented.

My fatal mistake came because i forgot to assign my selection to its material. After I corrected this mistake I was pleased to notice that the rendered imagine was faithful to my orignal creation.

And the next time i baked, All my textures came out exactly the way i wanted it.

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A couple of things that might help you down the road...

1. Maximum texture size in SL is 1024x1024. If you present the uploader with a larger texture, it will be scaked down. So you will end up with less resolution than you expected. Also, images are always scaled to dimensions that are exact powers of two. So you should use baked images of those sizes to avoid possible loss of detail on scaling.

2. You can use up to 8 materials for a single mesh in SL. Now each of those can have its UV map fill up the whole UV space, instead of having them all non-overlapping. That way you can get more pixels/m on the final textured object, and thus better texture detail. The cost is that you have to upload a texture for each material, with the extra cost that incurs. Also, the more textures you use, the more download and rendering resource you use (=lag). You need to bake each material separately for this, to a new image created while just that material is selected.

3. You have rounded walls etc, here, but they are segmented with sharp edges. Assuming you would rather have them smooth, you should set the shading to smooth (Mesh->Faces->Shade smooth). Then you can add an edge-split modifier to make some of the edhes sharp, according to face angles and/or by explicitly marking them as sharp. The smooth shading of most of the mesh will also reduce the download weight (and thus probably the LI). (That is because the vertices along sharp edges have to be duplicated in the uploaded data so that they appear wil two different normals.)

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