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failed to find..

Freddie Oldrich

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Hello..i hope someone can help..

Yesterday i went to add a pair of pants but clicked and added the wrong one, the pair i added by mistake seemingly aren't in the database for some reasson and wore as "new pants" which are white and i can't seem to take off (i did manage to edit them and make alpha), whenever i try to take off they just copy and i end up with another new pair (but white) just the same that i can't take off nor delete. Each time i change clothes, shoes,hair etc i get a drop down saying "failed to find names Ribbed Dress Lower in database " it's very annoying because if i wear boots that have say 5 parts i get 5 drop downs. I cleared my cache and that didn't help. Please if someone knows how i can take these silly new pants off and delete i would be very greatful..

                                                 Thank You.

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