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Now Hiring DJ's and Hosts/Hostesses


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The  Paratiki  has been  revamped  and has  gone  Underground,  With the  Doors  reopening  next  week  we are  now  hiring  DJ's and  Hosts/Hostesses , as  staff you  you need to  be  at  least  30 days  old  and be  willing to interact  with the VIPS  and  Guests  that  come to the club, we have  two  gaming  areas ,  one   for  Casino  games  and  another  for  Greedy  and  other  table  Games,  We  have an underwater  Sea  Aquirium , and  also  Shoping  above and  Below  ground,  with  other  shops  available  for rent .

Shops:  75prims  for  150 L's  per  week               50 prims  for 100L's per week        

We  also  have  Stalls  above  ground  for  rent    25 prims for 50L's  per week

Fish  hunt  is  also on  the  1/2  sim above  ground

For  More Information  and an Application form

 Contact Sammies42 Resident  (Sammies Davis)  or  Ariana Koray


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