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Tresi Nonno Second Life Virtual Anthropology Fund Contest 2013


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Tresi Nonno Second Life Virtual Anthropology Fund

starts the contest of projects related to 3D anthropology


application deadline is 20 Dec 2013, 7 AM SLT;

u can apply here or by e-mail: tresi_nonno@hotmail.com or inworld (please don't send NC, just IM when I am on-line)


there are no strickt rules, u r to describe ur project in some words and provide a snapshot (landmarks r optional);

any applied project should fit the following points:

1) ur project should be made by urself, (it can be a whole sim or just a certain artifact)

2) it should be realistic,

3) it should have some clearly seen relation to anthropological issues,

4) it should have possible educational meaning;


25 Dec 2013 three projects are going to be granted:

2000L$ for A

1000L$ for B

500L$ for C

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