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ArtFest 3 - charity art show returns

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An entire Sim filled with art and fun for all, dedicated to raising money for charity.  All funds raised go to the Red Cross/Crescent for disaster relief, via their Everyday Heroes site.  Come be a hero, vote for your favorite art, as you stroll around the gorgeous landscape. 

The Sim is in constant change, as the artists build slowly on site (always room for more to any that wish to apply) so keep returning to witness the new wonders.  This event is not set up as a gallery, it is a landscape you walk around to explore what new thing is around each bend, in each new environment (plains, mounts, cave, under water, little isle).

Singers and DJ’s are welcome to fill the sim with music when there are no conflicting events, show your talents and you never know who may catch a performance and want to book you for future shows.

Talk to some of the greatest artists in SL, take the train ride, play in the fairground or relax with friends.

Come, Enjoy, Return.


Past ArtFest events:

ArtFest I

ArtFest II


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