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Welcome to Bordeaux Island Retreat

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Lying just off the coast of North Carolina sits a quiet, secluded little island, steeped in history and thriving with rich soil vineyards. A string of bad luck and through a series of ill fated events, the island lay in ruin for years, despite the Balamori fortunes.

After a debilitating accident that left the elder Balamori invalid, his elitist daughter Vivienne decided to open a resort on the family island. With the help of three like minded, and beautiful investors, the no-nonsense Dr. Vivienne Balamori-Thorne and her playboy husband Kellen, the island has become a hub for the rich and beautiful.

Tucked away amid the vineyards resides a playground of adult pleasures within the exclusive resort. Residents, guests, and employee’s alike, flourish in a community of overindulgence.

Hedonistic pleasures abound, from a calm and tranquil boat ride, to the more debased wild gatherings, Bordeaux Island Retreat caters to the every desire, for a price.

Come be a part of one of the most unique experiences in Second Life. Meet our friendly staff and guests for a glass of premiere wine at the Lombardi Winery or explore the lush grounds for several points of interest that include a lovely gazebo, seven seas fishing area and bowling alley. Drop by our very own Puritan Hotel that boasts a state of the art disco and premier spirits. There is fun and games scattered all over the resort that include several cuddle area’s for your adult desires. Paddle a row boat around Lovers Rock, take a bicycle tour around the resort, perhaps a picnic in the woods, or try your hand at a rousing paintball match.

The service here is second to none. Hungry in the middle of the night? Our five star rated, Lombardi Winery, boast a full menu and features a special catch of the day from local waters. Call up one of our friendly and helpful Guest Service personnel to bring you up something to sate your appetite. Perhaps you’re hungry for something a bit more provocative?

Our Courtesan Service is on call day or night to offer assistance wherever needed. Your private bungalow run out of towels? Our happy maid service is at your beck and call. Have too much sun or maybe strained a muscle on your afternoon hike through the woods? Our very own Doctor Balamori and staff are equipped to help. We’ve thought of everything!

So pack your bags and come join us! Daily flights to the island are available now, no reservations needed. We can’t wait to service you!

 Bordeaux Island Retreat, your home away from home in Second Life!

 Your plane awaits, come to the Island

in SL, find us at:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sunny%20Day/146/243/22


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Bordeaux Island Retreat will be hosting its grang opening sometime after the new year.  We look forward to meeting all you who are able to attend.  A date will be posted soon.  In the meantme feel free to get an early jump on things and come check out the island now.  It is nearing competion with only minor details left to finish.

Have a Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year!

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