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You will need

Software that allows you to convert a sound file to the correct format and split the song into clips.  I use Audacity which is available for free, but there are others that are both free and that cost RL money..

A recording of a song you wrote and played yourself or one for which you hold a license whose terms allow you to import into second life (and sell it if that is your intention) or a recording that is in the public domain.  You cannot use a song from a recording that you own in RL, such as one you download from itunes as you don't have a license to use it other than to play the recording for personal use in RL.

One or more guitar playing animations that you create yourself or purchase from an animator.  There are guitar playing animations you can buy that are licensed for either personal or commercial use available in SL.  Alternatively there are guitar playing HUDs you wear on your screen similar to an AO.

A script that will play sound clips in a sequence.  The script can be one that plays just one song or that gives a menu that allows you to choose the song you want to play.  This script also needs to trigger the animations if you elect to include them in your guitar rather than using a HUD to play them.  You will probably have to write this script yourself or hire a scripter to make for you.  There may be some for sale that you can modify if you know how to script or configure with notecard.

Once you have all this

  • Convert your song into PCM WAV format, 16-bit, 44.1kHz, mono. 
  • Break it up into clips of no more than exactly 10 seconds each. If the clip is 10.001 it will not upload.
  • Import each clip, which costs $10L per clip. 
  • When you import it name each clip with the same name followed by a number indicating the order they should be played in, such as "song clip 1, song clip 2, song clip 3 etc.
  • Place all the clips into a prim or the root prim of your guitar along with the animation or animations you want to use and  your script.

The advantage of this method is that once you do all the above there is no further cost and everyone within range can hear your song.  The disadvantage is that the sound quality isn't that great since its played through the ambient sounds of the viewer and the further away from you a person listening is the lower the volume will be.  Even more of a disadvantage is that lag will sometimes make the song load at different rates for different people, choppy or have pauses and since lag is different for each person, each person hearing the song will not necessarily hear it at the same rate at the same time.   If you intend to perform music in SL at a venue, this is not an acceptable way to do it.


You can just buy a HUD that plays various guitar playing animations and stream the music you wish to play into SL using a DJ program and a Shoutcast Stream that you can rent.  This is a better way to go if you want to be able to 'play' more than a couple songs and will be doing it on land you own or where you have the ability to plug your stream into the land.

This is the method clubs and music venues require you to use.  The advantage is that you can play any song any time, the sound quality is much better and everyone will hear the song the same and can control the volume through their radio controls.  The only disadvantage is the ongoing cost of the stream rental and a learning curve on how to use streaming software.  The stream cost depends on the number of listening slots and the Kbps that you desire and the length of the rental.  You can rent a stream for a day, a week, a month etc..The rent can range from around 10L for one day and 10 listeners to several thousand L's per month for a high listener capacity and Kbps.

This is a general overview.  You should consult the SL Wiki for details about importing sounds, scripting, animations, streaming etc.



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