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Unable to upload asset.

Nexis Lexenstar

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Okay, So I've tried a few viewers and thusly so far changing viewers is not helping.

Apparently I come up as a cloud, or my body is invisable and skins do not load.

I was on imprudence and someone suggested that I clear out my current outfit folder, but nothing was there.

I'm about to download phoenix viewer or firestorm.

I'm going to get on the regular viewer and see what happens.

I'm not quite sure what's going on.

I thought it was the grid, but apparently I suppose it's just me.

Could I get some advice, please? Thank you.

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Just some shots in the dark now:

- new install or change of the viewer won't help, I'm quite sure.

- can it be your connection is slow and lagging? 

- have you tried other skins as well?

- are you maybe wearing some alpha textures that cover your body? Make sure you are a super clean avie and build yourself up from the ground, piece by piece, not complete outfits.

- did you do the skinchanging in a busy sim or somewhere in a lonely ocean, under water? This can make a huge difference.

- oh, and yesterday was Tuesday. Never a good idea to do anything on a Tuesday. :smileysad:

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