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Stop to wonder how it would be as a creature talented with magic in a medieval-fantasy setting, be!


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The tip of the quill hovers over the parchment, white as the snow that buries Cadair since the failed Winter King Ritual. How to sum up the recent events...how to put this down for future generations of Anam, if there´d be, the strange Tree, mages dissappearing, visits to the plane of dreams and the abyss, the strange dreams and urges as of late, the Prophecy...will the Anam prevail and be what they are supposed to be or will they fail the Keepers, ultimately...and what will be the consequences...

Come visit Cadair Braeden and Evora, two beautiful sims waiting for your part of the story!

http://cadairwebs.webs.com/   info and link to in-world

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