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I am very new at the whole texturing an object game. I just purchased a full perm mesh kit on the market place. The package came with a UV map and a shadow map, and I am just wondering how the hell I can texture the item ? I just want to make a few different metal textures for this item and I really don't have the slightest clue on how to do that. Would there be someone that can walk me through the steps and help me figure this out so I know how to do it the next time ?

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Short reply:

Save the UV map and shadow map to your hard drive. Then open the UV map in Photoshop (or alternatively in Gimp).
Open also the shadow map and place it on a different layer. Put the shadow map to "Overlay". Make the UV map layer semi transparent. Under the UV map layer make a new layer and on it make your metal texture using the UV map as a guide.

After the texture is ready, hide the UV map layer. Save the file (preferably as targa file). Upload it to SL and apply to mesh. Done.

(Somebody might do a more detailed explanation.)

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