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Qavimator problem


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Hey guys, i've been uploading a few couple of static poses i made. they look great uploaded however, something weird happened. please look at the pictures to see the problem i have


here's my project file in blender. I'm trying to make an static art pose. notice the arms are all parralel to each other


Then I uploaded to Second life with priority 4 and it loooked great just as i made it in qavimator.




However after a short period of time one of the arm dropped down for period of time then raised itself back to the original position. It appears to as my project file has a few frames with different position but it's not. I've turned off all my AOs and it didnt work. 


Please help me with this. Million thanks


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Since nobody else will, I will give it a shot:)

I see you have the T pose and one single pose and probably use the default In% = 0 and Out% = 100 for upload
I suggest you repeat your pose a number of times, say 4 and try In% = 20 and Out% = 80
You can experiment with those numbers.

The problem is not the QAvimator but the way SL interpret the BVH data


I like the pose you made, it has a strong expression:)

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If the earlier suggestion doesn't work, then take a look at your shoulders. Are they in a neutral position in Qavimator? If all three axis are at 0 (neutral position), then the SL default animation (newb stand) will bleed through the body part, such as the shoulders. Adjust at least one the axis, even by one degree, and it shouldn't move anymore.

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