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How important is creativity to economic growth in SL?

Madeliefste Oh

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I dont see SL as rewarding creativity -- and hard work -- nearly as much now and in the future as in the past. It is just not really necessary for anyone to actually create much anymore.  They can just resell stuff made by others.

Long term it is hard to say the effect of this -- are the resellers, esp illegal resellers, going to invest as much money in tier, or as much time in customer service? Time will tell.


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I think SL is a GREAT tool for being creative, not so great at a tool for making creative profits as a content creator.  SL isn't a creative content based economy it's a land based economy. 

Both LL and giant land barons benefit form free and stolen content, why would they want there renters to waste money on content when they can spend it on rent and buying land.  I just finished a custom home for a customer and with a day or 2 a well known freebee maker (alt of the land owner) stopped by their new house and offered to furnish it for free.  Largest freebee hunt in SL is all so ran by a land owner.

Tools in SL have progressed very slowly for content creators, the marketplace is a joke, in world search, lack of decent sales reporting, new we own it all TOS, the list goes on...

sims with only 15,000 prims are old news inworldz 30,000 to 45,000 prims, kitley sims are 100,000 prims,  what to increase the demand for sales of rezable inworld content just increase the prim count of a sim, every one would add more content to max out their new prim limit, which would lead to more shopping, and more prims to build more complex creative items. 

Not such such a good thing for LL and land owners which want to rent you more land if you need more prims.. Top 10 estates own 13.8% of private islands in SL, LL gets paid from them if their land is rented or not.  LL not going to mess with those kind of land owning customers.

SL differently benefits form all of the creative content (made, stolen, or given away) by others,  LL doesn't need content creators to succeed, they just need people to try. 

 I'm not saying that all land owners are bad , just that this is how the economy in SL works.

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You can resell stuff made by others, but i think a lot of people know it's cookie cutter mesh and avoid it.

I get bored and go shopping all the time and run into it a lot but for the most part pass right on by.

I already tried the demos and know it does or doesn't fit and unless it comes in like 50 different textures for a low price i ain't interested.

I think ripped mesh poses a bigger problem.

I spend hours and hours......days... weeks even working on a uniform for my business, then, true story,  i got approached to rig mesh uniforms for someone.

He showed me what he has. 100's of outfits and uniforms ripped from a video game. Mesh and texture files. Incredible stuff.

He's talking of selling this stuff for half of my price.

I told him he's killing creativity in SL. He didn't understand what i was talking about.

I tried to explain as much as i love working on outfit my best reward comes from seeing someone buying and wearing it, and it's kind of disheartening to see someone with zero creation simply rip files from a video game and put me out of business.

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I see two opposite groups of customers in my sales experience.

For instance, last year I had so many customers who were mesh aficianados. Everything must be in mesh and that's what they were looking for in every store. They were awfully specific what they wanted only in mesh. 

This year though, I find more customers who are demanding on creativity, because they have seen it all and they are sick of mass produced mesh works with different textures. And they are happy to stumble upon unique stores who wouldnt make what others make. 


I'm pretty sure recycled meshworks make more money than the artists in SL. But the pro creativity customers are definitely increasing and it's noticeable. Customers are smart and bored and they are ready to see something new. Providing new ideas is artists' job only if the fast profit is not a goal. 





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The answer to that question is elementary, creativity in SL is essential to economic growth in SL.

There are many Groups in SL which foster creativity but unfortunately, many of the Groups only help to teach you how to do everything all by yourself.

To bring a product to market, a Resident must complete the following. I might be missing a step or 3.


  1. Conceptualize a product
  2. Draft and design
  3. Build the object
  4. Texture the object
  5. Script the object
  6. Animate the object
  7. Package the object
  8. Capture photos
  9. Write listings
  10. Set permissions
  11. List on MP
  12. Deal with customers
  13. Get paid
  14. Get copied
  15. Learn about DMCA
  16. File reports

I would like to just build, and let scripters' script, and texturers'  texture etc. The permissions do not allow for this. I can follow all the suggested Grouping methods but it all comes down to having to rely on trust. If I give a building to a Resident who sells on MP I just have to trust that they will continue to share a percentage if an item sells.

2-12 on my list represents work that can be delegated to others. Works that specialist can do better than any Jack of all trades ever could.


The Lab

I don't know what the Lab is doing. An Itemized receipt would be very helpful.

The fact that SL exist is a sign that creativity is considered as important.

There are many resources, almost everything is free.

Some favoritism does exist and some of it is contractual. MP was planned from top to bottom, creating various algorithms to give one data set preference over another. Bay City, Zindra, the roads waterways and rails, West Haven are reasons why I would support some kind of commerce center built by LDPW.

The project could be like the LH, the builds could be Offices. Any Resident with a MP account could get one. 

A second option allowing greater freedom could be a project like Bay City but without double prims. The idea is to create activity amongst Merchants and to offer destination for Residents who have an idea but it is undeveloped and not ready for market. 

The thread discussion creating a movie industry is very similar.  




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Creating (high quality) stuff is very important for economic growth in SL, but what's much more important than that at the moment is reducing the cost of land substantially, because the cost of land (funneling too much of the economy into the L.L. treasury in that manner) is holding back creativity more than anything else by far.

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Spica Inventor wrote:

Creating (high quality) stuff is very important for economic growth in SL, but what's much more important than that at the moment is reducing the cost of land substantially, because the cost of land (funneling too much of the economy into the L.L. treasury in that manner) is holding back creativity more than anything else by far.

IMO, it's not the cost of land since there is a TON of abandoned land on the mainland for 1L sqm so, particularly if one places a shop in the sky or blocks out ugly surroundings on the ground, the initial purchase price of mainland isn't an issue as much as the tier jumps.  A lessening of the leaps between tier cut-offs is what I would love to see but, considering this has been discussed as long as I've been on the forums (including the old Resident Answer forums), I'm not holding my breath that this will happen. 

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The question is not defined enough, the economy of what and what measures? Even that can open up some arguments, because you end up with units defined (if accurate) that mean nothing much to anyone really who understand what they are.

In otherwords, to expand on what I am saying.....well, basically money is what people consider economy. But you point to a chart about feeling a sense of belonging...but, belonging if THEY create or if they see creations? What if a creation makes you hate SL and you then find a place where you are feeling more belonging, are we to assume things that make people feel less belonging help them to find places and feel belonging to another group also creatively adding to the economy?

There IS no answer to is more better, and the things that obviously effect things are not able to be considered important or not. They just exist.

Example: Do people benifit economically from breathing? Now, people say "Poenald, you are stupid and shut up!" and I say, "what is wrong with you, death improves the bank account of a mortician, a coffin maker and may also solve unemployment stats...at least on a mathematical level!" and you claim I am silly.

For proof I could point to the Outer Limits, or maybe the Twilight Zone.....many short and long fiction have adressed this one. Fiction is a great realm for this, because no one really knows what would happen unless it happens! What if you could live forever? Breathing is so essential that, believe it or not, THAT is the real question I am sort of asking. How rich could you bank account, wallet, holdiings, or experiences be! Maybe the answer could garner majority support, but what actions are there we can take upon gaining this information?

We feel be belong by simply responding, creativly or unso.

So.....maybe I should do something creative and post it or use that, because more creativ.....wait! No one said more, less or any measure or what is definable as creative. :( Confusion, that is all.

Economics = belonging...like the economics of belonging? You feel X belongness units, or a cerain % feel belonging when they...wait, who has to create to make things all belonging feeling? And the country stats? Hilarious stuff, I mean do SLer's have country clinging here and what if thier demographics are all over the place?

It is hard to define SL, things may seem a cerrtain way and I guess I can think something based on this.

But why share this inaccuracy?

Because it makes me feel like I belong....ah, so.....I can be meaningless as well?

This thread was created to make fun of my posts, or explain them?

Well, forget it...I will not answer this question! Does this effect creativity? Ah.....strange, maybe I should have posted a meme related post instead.

Who's Creativity?

Chuck Noris would create creativity that is like a black hole and suck all of the economy into it and still be able to find a pair of mesh breast appliers and a new skin...bah, it didn't turn out so funny. Oh well.

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