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Somebody sent me a message

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If, by SL identity, you mean my SL name, then no (at least not that I'm aware of)... but this band was the inspiration for my SL name and this particular song by them may reflect at least an aspect of my SL identity...

Plus, Grimmie seems to think my avatar looks a bit like the guy in the band, at least this one picture of him anyway...


...Dres (At least, I think she meant my avatar, although it wouldn't be a shock if she meant me in RL... except for the fact that I haven't worn that much eyeliner in RL for a very long time.)

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i would say this covers in world pretty much the past 4 years for the most part..

I keep to myself in there for the most part and just escape..

kind of like when i go into the mountains riding..it's just me and my horse and nature ..

in SL there is nothing like a good relaxing experience just exploring or just hanging in your own world.

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