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Anybody know any good inworld suit stores?


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Hello everyone!

Before I speak further, I am indeed very new to Second LIfe but have certainly been figuring it out, atleast to the point where I know what I am doing now. Feeling good, I bought some Lindens online and now have a bit of cash to my name. I was wondering if anybody knew any nice stores inworld that I could visit to buy nice clothing, I was thinking suits, etc. I have tried online but regardless of my search, I get the same few suits and while very very nice looking, they are far too expensive for me.

I understand this is a place for sharing your favorite destinations and do indeed apologize if I posted in the wrong spot, however if it is fine, I would love some personal advice from many of you on where to shop as I am rather new around here. Thanks in advance! :matte-motes-big-grin:

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