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Need Help With My Phat Azz

MzMiMi Crystal

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Hey :)

Ok ive been playing sl for a few weeks now. i bought a 'phat azz' from Luck inc. I have spent hours trying to tweak it to get the right colour for my skin but cant seem to get it right and another thing i cant add trousers or anything to my phat azz. I have bought the correct clothing appliers but still no show.

Just wondering if anyone can assist me and give me a clear step by step tutorial or please let me know what im doing wrong because i can not get the hang of it D;


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Well, if I were you, drop the color matching and buy an applier that's made for the skin you use. If the skin you wear don't have Phat Azz appliers ready, ditch them and buy another skin. You will be much more happy and save yourself the trouble of skin matching.

Do you already have a skin applier, and are you unhappy with the results? That is due to SL windlight and reflections. I just copy from a skin designer here, they say it better than me.

 *Seams = Lighting: This applies to all avatar add-ons.
Default lighting in SL reflects differently off of the avatar to that of mesh, creating seams where they don’t exist in the textures or objects themselves – we need to use an even light:
Set Windlight to Nam´s Optimal Skin 1, then go to Preferences – Graphics and untick Basic Shaders.
This will give you a very clear view of your avatar and mesh textures. Other windlight settings to try are Nam´s Optimal Skin 2, CalWL (Caliahs Windlight) and AnaLu Studio5.
“But if I change from default others wont see my avatar as I do”- youd be surprised how many already use their own lighting/graphic settings, including designers, bloggers, photographers, those who have sim lighting enabled, those with shadow activated etc. You cant control how others see you, only your own SL experience.

From League blog: http://leaguemainstore.wordpress.com/2013/10/04/league-l-inc-phat-azz-appliers/

For clothing layers, you will have to wear the Phat Azz HUD that show/hide layers, and the Clothing applier, both at the same time. If you wear only the clothing applier and press it, nothing will be visible unless you set the correct layer to show - like where I need the skirt part to show. Look at the attached image and try to play with the show/hide, until you get your clothes to show.

Notice that the Phat azz will not remember previous clothes. Every time you will change clothes, you need to wear the clothing applier for the outfit you will wear and click it again.


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