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★ $1.4 L/prιм ѕĸy lot renтalѕ avaιl. ★ **LIMITED TIME OFFER** 2013 AVI CHOICE NOMINEE***

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Polynesia, the heart and soul of its residents - now has RARE skyspace open for occupation.

Our UNIQUE Sky'lot' areas provide a space to build, connect and landscape with the convience and privacy of a sky area. 

All rentals include the use of the community land , a full 21,392 sqm Area of rolling hills, channels of driveable waters, fishing areas, horse back riding,  an underground venue for DJing events/Live music + Private Partys  as well as  hidden surprizes to enjoy with your guests.

Also use of the community facilities including but  not limited to a Building Platform, PhotoStudio, Dance/Club Area and more.

An Estate built on Community - Extended Friendships and a lifetime of memories is seeking Occupants whom embody the ideals of Creative vision, Lifelong Friendships, and Community.

This Sim offers not only a laid back atmosphere, fun-loving tenants , and lovely views. But also comes with landscaping and terraform-ing Assistance, Accessible and Friendly Management Team with over 5 years SecondLife Experience, and in addition to your purchase all residents are welcomed the use of "SUBLIME" - Our relaxation and romance parcel for you and your guests enjoyment. Additional amenities include a community building platform for project creation, and open underground venu for partys and live music events.

Please feel free to visit SUBLIME, our community area to see what living in Virtual Zen is all about.


Contact  Lexy Darkstone for more Information.

Thank you for your intrest and enjoy your SecondLife!

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