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Just another Marketplace rant

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First I would like to say that I do enjoy shopping inworld, but my laptop is rather limited.  Shopping inworld and waiting for several minutes for one wall of items to load is just...  Painful.

This is just a followup rant to my complaint that I can't find stuff in Marketplace search.  My first rant was that I couldn't search for a blue shirt because creators use too many different names for blue.  If a creator wants me to find their great shirt (in any shade of blue), they should make it show in search for "Blue shirt"

This rant is because it is so time consuming to find new hair.  I just want a quick overview of some of the new hairstyles available, but when I sort by Age:Newest First I have to look at 30 of the exact same hairstyle in 30 different colors and fatpacks.  Would it be so hard to combine all the colors into one page.  If I like the style, I will check out what other colors are available.  As it is, I can have 96 items on a page and only 3 hairstyles represented.  I do a lot of RL online shopping and nearly every store I visit has 1 item pictured and you open that page to see the colors available.  Is Marketplace just not set up for a feature like this?  It seems like a standard sorting feature...  I know efficiency is not an LL goal, but still...

Rant over for now.

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The way the MP is designed it is impossible to put all the shades of hair on one page except as a fat pack.  There is also no way for you or a merchant to control what you see when you search for newest first.  If someone just uploaded 50 different colors of the same item you'll see 50 different colors of one item.

Merchants would love it if LL allowed one listing for an item with the ability to show and buy all the color variations from the same listing.  It has been requested by merchants for years


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