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whenever i put on my phat azz it shows the previous outfit i wore



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phat azz take appliers and work similar to tangos. So the question here is what do you want to do. Be nude or wear a new outfit?

If you want to be nude wear the hud included. Click on either the pant or underpant layer to hide or show that layer. Keep in mind when the layer is hidden any new applier added to it will not appear until you choose to show that layer again.

If you want to wear a new outfit you will need an applier. This applier will be either for the underpant or pant layer. click the applier. If nothing shows then you may need to wear the hud and click show for that layer. If the old pants are still on then the new ones are on the opposite layer of it (IE that one is on pants and the new pant is on underwear layer). Just hide the layer currently showing and show the layer that is hidden. I find sometimes applying to a hidden layer wont work so you may need to reapply when that layer is shown

Hope that helps and good luck.

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