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baby girl looking for a Daddy


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I,,m a Babygirl looking for her Daddy. I,m sweet,young,petite.SHAPE \SKIN by Danika design. I want a daddy that is happy to spend time with his Babygirl in world and not be demanding of my every moment.Daddy should be happy to keep things in SL because I won,t mix RL/SL. i,m just fed up with doing that only to find some beer bellied,bald old perv showing me his manboobs and groping himself because "daddy insists his Babygirl Skype with him" I,m here to be a cute loving Babygirl totally devoted to her Daddy .I don,t. Care for his RL and tired of having to legitimize mine.SOOOoooooo if there is a daddy out there that desires a Babygirl that will give herself to her daddy IF they are compatible then PLEASE IM me inworld
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