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how to change Pacific time to Japanese time?



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This should do it.

Please note that I've changed llGetWallClock to llGetGMTClock, to simplify the conversion.   Since Japan doesn't have daylight saving, as I understand it, the clock should be accurate all year round.

// HoverText Clock Script// By Ben Linden//// Drop on an object to make it display the PST time.//// If you are interested in scripting, check out// the Script Help under the help menu.// The double slash means these lines are comments// and ignored by the computer.integer offset = 32400; //9 hours in seconds -- time difference between GMT and Tokyointeger SecsInDay = 86400; // seconds in a day// Global Variables// a string is a collection of characters.string smin; // Represents minutesstring sseconds; //Represens seconds// All scripts have a default state, this will be// the first code executed.default{	// state_entry() is an event handler, it executes	// whenever a state is entered.	state_entry()	{		// llSetTimerEvent() is a function that sets		// up a timer event in seconds.		llSetTimerEvent(2.0); // call a timer event		// every 2 seconds.	}	// timer() is an event handler, it executes on an	// interval defined by llSetTimerEvent()	timer()	{		// llFloor is a function that rounds down all numbers.		// llGetWallClock is a function that returns the time		// of day in seconds, on a 24 hour clock.		integer seconds = offset + llFloor(llGetGMTclock());//nb changed to llGetGMTClock			seconds = seconds%SecsInDay; // in case it's the next day in Japan from what it is in London, divide by number of seconds in a day, and use the remainder				// Convert the total number of seconds into a integer (whole number)		integer min = llFloor(seconds/60);		// Figure out how many minutes that is		seconds = seconds - (min*60);		//Work out the remaining number of seconds		integer hour = llFloor(min/60);		// figure out how many hours it represents.		min = min - (hour*60);		// figure out the number of minutes remaining		// if is a conditional statement, it will only execute if the conditions are met.		if(hour > 12) {hour = hour - 12;} // if the hours are greater than 12, convert to 12 hour time		string shour = (string)hour; //convert the number into a string		if(min < 10) {smin = "0"+(string)min;} // if less than 10 minutes, put a 0 in the minute string		else { smin = (string)min;}		if(seconds < 10) { sseconds = "0"+(string)seconds;} // if less than 10 sec, put a 0 in the second string		else {sseconds = (string)seconds;}		string time = shour + ":" + smin + ":" + sseconds; // build the seperate strings into a complete string, with colons		// llSetText is a function that displays a string over the object.		llSetText(time, ZERO_VECTOR, 1.0); //Display the string in solid black.	}}


 In future, it might be better to ask this sort of question in the scripting forum.

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