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Looking For House Mate!


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Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself.


My name is Jeffree Anderson, 18 year old transgender male (so yes you'll have to be okay with the way I dress) I enjoy hanging out by the fire at home, or being out and about dancing, and going to many different events. Currently it is found to be difficult for people to accept me for me, and the way I dress, scaring many people away. I love everyone for who they are, Furries, Gay, Straight, Dragons, whatever you are is okay in my book, I will look at you no differently. Therefore this rental will be open to anyone from any walk of life, No descrimination here!




I am renting land in a skybox, and looking for someone to share the house with me. I can easily afford it alone, however I am not fond of living by myself. I am not looking for someone to marry, or partner up with.  This offer is only to give someone a place to stay. Maybe start a nice friendship.  I have no real rules other than, don't move anything I have already placed without asking me. The security right now is set so no one is allowed over, however I will be changing it to only kick people who are on the blacklist (No one yet/hopefully ever). 

This house is perfect for having get togethers, parties, or whatever you'd like to call them. You are allowed to have as many people over as you'd like.

You have full authority to throw a party, I am very easy going, and I'm always down to come home to a full house of people dancing and having a good time.


We will not be splitting the rent half way, I am only asking L$25 Per week, so L$100 Per month, paid directly to me. You will be invited to the group giving you full permission to place anything you'd like.

This house can easily be 4 bedrooms, HOWEVER....

You will have 3 FULL Rooms to do whatever you want with them. All common areas are furnished, and decorated for the christmas season, along with a fully stocked bar, and a bathroom we can share, or you can place one in one of the 3 rooms if you choose you'd like to not share.

I'm not even sure if this will get any hits, however it's always good to put it out there.

Now this rental is NOT first come first serve. We have to be able to click, I do not want to be sharing my house with someone who can't either Accept me for who I am, and someone who can't hold a simple conversation with me. Meeting me, and being shy is no problem, I can tell the difference between shyness and someone that I will not get along with based on their attitude towards me.

Your SL age doesn't matter to me, as long as you can pay the rent. "noob" look or not, I won't turn you away.


If I haven't scared you away, and you'd like to come look at the house IM me in game or leave me a reply, and it will be emailed to me.



Hope to hear from some of you soon!



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Hey there man!

Before you even bother reading, I'd like to let you know that I don't hold what anyone does against them, and I believe you are right to express yourself as you see fit, and shouldn't have to deal with critiscism for that. I would love to be your roomate, I actually just headed over here to ask about a rommate. I have no problems happily paying rent, becoming friends and adhering to whatever rules you set in place.


You will find that I am a very nice and accepting guy.
 Feel free to add me in world or reply to me here in regards to this.

Thanks in advance!


I have since contacted you inworld.

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I am very interested. You sound like a lovely person and I have no problem with anything you mentioned. I'm actually terribly attracted to transgender females, so I think we would get along just fine. ;) I will IM you in-game as well, but thought I'd reply here first. Hope you consider having me! :) Happy holidays x

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