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WANTED: Weapon scripter/ builder for partnership


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I'm planning on starting a store to sell realistic mesh knives for urban combat type roleplay sims and other places. These knives need to be realistic looking, that's what I need The builder for. The scripts I need are relatively simple I believe because I've seen them in a lot of knives. They need to be able to be sheathed, unsheathed, as well as held in The avatars hands. The types of knives I'm interested in are going to be similar to these: Tactical knife 1, Tactical knife 2Tactical knife 3 as well as knives like these: Hunting knife 1, Hunting knife 2, and others. I also have a lot of other ideas that we could discuss as well. Now on to payment. Depending on The realistic looks of these knives (and their sheaths) and their performance script wise, The payment options would be different, but for the most part, my portion of profits would be enough to pay for the rent for any stores, and a negotiated amount per sale to give me some spending cash. The rest would go to the builder(s). Another thing I want to mention is that i dont want my partner(s) to be seeking profits only. I am looking for a partner who would also be involved in the store in a roleplay sim ( keep in mind this is not a requirement, it would just be cool :matte-motes-smile:). I understand that the builders will be doing the majority of work, that's why i'm looking for someone who knows the type of roleplay and is more interested in it than the profits. This project wont start until after The holiday season, I'm thinking around January 5th, 2014. But if you're interested, please message me by then, or send me an email at adoubletrouble.resident@gmail.com with any questions or inquiries. Thank you, and happy holidays

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