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Hey everyone!

I am here for a long time, but i just realized i never mentioned my blog on the forums. So today, i will be presenting you a great web blog, hoping that sl fashion fans will like it. Well, Brinicle fashion is a second life fashion blog for men. It offers some great quality clothing with a tasty sense of style.

It's sponsored by many clothing brands in world, and already took its place in the best second life blogs.

We started the blog almost 2 years ago, and we still have the same enthusiasm to bring the latest fashion trends to our follower.

Please check it out... We also like to hear your feedback about the blog. I know there are many fashion blogs running on the web. But oldie is goldie right?

Oh i almost forgot the URL of the blog.

Here you go: http://briniclefashion.com

I hope you all like it and be a follower of our blog.

Thanks everybody! 

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Yeah I have to echo the fish face comments.

Plus the legs are cartoonishly small and skinny compared to the torso.

And the arms are about 1/4 to 1/3 too short (his fingertips should reach to midway down his thighs).

Not to mention that I personally can't stand male avatars with that poof top and shaved sides hair style and earing set going... But that one is just taste. The others are anatomical errors - including the fish face.



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I think it's alright. I won't comment on your style choices, because they're yours.


My only feedback is to fully write out some of the designers store name. Sometimes I see clothing I want, but I have to kind of become a detective to figure out where it's from.


Other than that, I think it's well done!

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