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If you're new to SL and have tried out DJing for a little and want to earn some extra cash, please don't hesitate to message me. CLUB SASS is a new club opening in the new year and we need DJs and hosts urgently!! Must have some knowledge but an expert NOT required. You will be paid 100% tips only for now. PLEASE fill out the application below and send it to me Sarahbuxso or Annabel Coveria! Looking forward to hearing from you!


Thank you for taking an interest in becoming a DJ or Host here at Sass.

~By filling out this form you are confirming that you are willing to work for 100% of your tips and that you are 18 years or older.

**Once the application is complete, send it to Annabel Coveria

Todays Date:
SL Name:

Dj App (.Please Scroll Down if your applying as a Host)
DJ Name:

Do you have your own stream?
Stream URL:

1) How long have you been djing for in sl?

2) How long have you been djing for in real?

3) When would you typicly play music (in sl time)?

4) What type of music do you play?

5) Name the limit of songs a person can request either per hour, per thirty minutes, or throughout your session?

6) If a song cannot be found or is unable to be played, what would you do to correct the situation?

7) How old are you in Second Life?

8) How did you hear about this club?

9) When are you available to start?

10) Do you have anything against using your mic during your set?

11) Will you be able to work a MIN of two shifts per week?

Host App

1) Do you have hosting experience and if so where (in SL)?

2) Do you have many gestures or can emote? (please limit gestures used) talking to VIPS is best. get them engaged in conversation.

3) How old are you or Date of Birth (in SL)?

4) How would you describe your personality in 3 words?

5) Are you comfortable with chatting?

6) Languages spoken?

7) How many hours are you willing per week to work?

8) When are you available to start?



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