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Voice Morphing solutions?

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Hello all today I tried the voice morphing in viewer but it didn't sound so well. I've tried few programs to see how it goes but I didn't had much of luck, though I only went through those briefly.

Has anyone been able to shift their voice from male to female, or female to male using some tool, program, etc?

Any tips welcome, I'd really love to get it to work, it doesn't have to be perfect but at least good (decent?)

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I had a lot of fun with a mixer that had a voice changer on it mostly because I like to **** with people.  That one was an Edirol M100fx but I don't think you can find those anymore.  Your best bet might be something like a Boss VE-20.

The real problem with voice changing in real time is that, if you're male you will still hear your own voice.  It's best to make a recording and listen to it and adjusting parameters until it's close enough.  I don't think it'll ever be perfect, though, so you'll hope your intended targets aren't too picky.

Alternately, there are some good tutorials on YouTube that might help.  Depends on how serious you are.


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