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Looking for a family


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I've had quite a few expierences that have gone sour trying to find an adoptive family through one of the sl adoption centres. I"d like to find a family I can stick with for awhile. There is too much info to give out on a forums post, but I would be more than willing to share my adoption card with anyone intersted in a teen daughter in sl. I rp at 16, go to school. I mean there's a lot to learn about one another when doing an adoption so I"m not even going to attempt to go into it all here. Just putting this out there.

We could meet up for hot chocolate or coffee in world, exchange cards (or I could just give you mine), and get to know one another. I"m starting to think adoption agencies are not the way to get a family on SL that is going to last, and be more than just RP. Anyway if intersted drop me a Notecard in world and I"ll get back to you asap. 

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