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~House of Silken Pleasure (Located in Lydius) Seeks Merchandise(Slaves) and House Staff~


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The House of Silken Pleasure located in the beautiful city of Lydius is seeking all manner of kajira and bond. Only the most pleasing; stunning and talented girls will do. Talented and handsome male slaves wanted as well. Seeking a home? Un-trained? Looking for something 'different' in your rp? Then come join us. We are not a city kennels. The House of Silken Pleasure is a privately owned and run slave house; offering rentals to clients, everything from a lovely tower slave, hard working bonds; to slaves that have specialized training pertaining to various castes; fighting slaves and silk boys, even offering rentals of girls who are talented in the furs. So why sit around and wait for a Master or Jarl or Mistress? Doing nothing day after day? Feel that you aren't serving your true purpose or calling in your collar? Come to the House of Silken Pleasure and be put to use.

~Also seeking a House Staff~
House Staff will include:
House Physician
House Scarlets

~Responsibilities to the House of Silken Pleasure first and foremost but, will be able to help around the city of Lydius as needed.~
(Owner) Jarlath Paelus (Jardian.Paelus)
(House Scribe) Cadence Varela (Cadence.Spiritweaver)

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