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Need help to re-link objects

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Hello everyone in these forums,


I have been in SL for quite a while..But I am completely ignorant about a lot of things. Have had some terrible experiences, so i do not touch a thing in SL.


I use Firestorm as a viwer, maybe that it's irrelevant.


I would so much appreciate if someone could tell me how to re-link objects that I had to unlink.


This may sound silly to most of you, thas for sure...Its ok  by me.


I just had one of the worst experiences in my land, and had to unlik a few object in order to edit them. Now, I do not have a clue how to re-link them again.


So, any good willing help would be Most than welcome.


Best regards and happy holidays

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Hi Tahlia,

In addition to Steph's advice, I'll add that as you go around shift-clicking on things to add them to the linkset, shift-clicking on something already collected into the set will remove it again. This takes away some of the stress of gathering things up. If you get a little too click happy, you can backtrack. And if you don't yet know which prim you want to be the root, you do not have to wait until the end to shift-click it. You can gather up all the bits, then at the very end, when you've got a good look at all the highlighted stuff in your set, you shift-click the prim you want to be root... twice. The first shift-click removes it from the set, the second shift-click brings it back in, and makes it the root, since it's the last one in.

And as Steph notes, if the thing you unlinked contained scripts to do magical things, those scripts may have depended on the linkset being linked up in some particular order. You are unlikely to accidentally put it all back together in the right sequence, so you'll either have to peer into the scripts to figure it all out, or do what I do... throw the damned thing away and decide you never liked it in the first place.


Good luck!

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Thank you so much to you both. I will sure follow your advice


Now I have another problem... WORST...OMG!


I have and use Nvidia as my video card. I entered SL and it changed everything!


Now im"using" HD Intel Graphic... How come? And worst of all Nvidia downloaded drivers for GAMES i don't even use and now everything is a mess... Why SL does damage to its users? Beats me...


Anyone has any idea how to restore my NVIDIA video card?

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I'm a bit confused about what has happened.   Nvidia will only download one driver or set of drivers -- they don't have different drivers for different games.   If you right click on your desktop, do you have a menu item, Nvidia Control Panel?  If you do, click that and then choose Help>System Information, which should tell you what driver is installed.

As to why you're using HD Intel Graphic, I don't know.  But I think the fix is to open up the Nvidia Control Panel by right clicking the desktop, as described above,   select "Manage 3D settings" from the pane on the left, select Second Life from the pane on the right,  then set the "Preferred graphics processor" to the Nvidia chipset (I'm going by an answer here, since I don't have a dual chipset).

See also http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/laptop/f/3519/t/19405027.aspx, which goes into more detail.

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First of all, using the Intel graphics chip instead of your NVidia card is a bad idea.  The Intel chip is designed for low-quality, routine graphics of the type you need for web browsing or watching an on-line video.  You'll get poor performance in SL and your machine will run hot.  That's what the NVidia card is for.  Use your NVidia control panel to switch control to it.

Second, the NVidia driver upgrade service offers you the choice of installing GeForce Experience, which is a system for supporting extended drivers for games that need them.  SL is not one of those games.  If the system finds that you do not have any supported games on your computer, it doesn't download or install anything.  It just sits there.

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