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high CPU warning message while using Second Life

Lizzie Firelyte

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hi,  I'm new to second life and playing on a new computer.  i got a message bubble that Second Life was using CPU. i didn't get a chance to click on the message to read it. 

how can i make sure that Second Life isn't causing damage to my computer by over heating it?


CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3340 CPU @ 3.10GHz (3093.03 MHz)
Memory: 8101 MB
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1 (Build 7601)
Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 650/PCIe/SSE2

Windows Graphics Driver Version: 9.18.0013.3182
OpenGL Version: 4.4.0

libcurl Version: libcurl/7.21.1 OpenSSL/0.9.8q zlib/1.2.5 c-ares/1.7.1
J2C Decoder Version: KDU v7.0
Audio Driver Version: FMOD Ex 4.44.12
Qt Webkit Version: 4.7.1 (version number hard-coded)
Voice Server Version: Not Connected
Built with MSVC version 1600

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Set the debug setting YieldTime to something like 50 or 100 or whatever you fancy.  Higher values will yield more CPU time away from SL but SL will become slightly more sluggish.  Pick something you like.

Second setting, MaxFPS to something like 30, will stop the GPU running away more than it needs to.

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That comes from Norton antivirus packages. Second Life is supposed to use a lot of CPU. The best fix is to replace Norton with a good antivirus package. If you want to keep using Norton, open its interface, go to admin settings - performance monitor - program exclusions - configure and add your viewer to the exceptions.

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You can also use a simple application like speedfan to monitor your temperatures and cpu activity

I do not use Norton but it is known for being a bit sluggish you need to add exceptions in the configuration to not filter your cache or your viewer as when it scans everything it does slow the machine and creates a poor experience in SL


just google speedfan simple easy to use and free ))

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