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hello I would like to reactivate old account, alexfornel


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Today through the account of my brother i came to speak that :

The more than a week my account   jessicaruarez  was hacked I opened a call in tech support for help  since then I nevermore had access .

My registration email (gisella_mel@hotmail.com) was exchanged and was also blocked in Microsoft stopping me now to be able to reset my password .

I've opened several calls for help in technical support to exchange my email address to another so I can get the link to reset my password safely  but without success .

I know today is a person using my identity in the world because my several friends already viewed my online avatar  and linden does nothing .

It's very sad because i created an AV with great care and great affection .

And I also know that I never committed any crime in the world, never violated any rule and never committed any inflation .

That is happening simply because I had my account hijacked, was robbed and i have opened a request for help on technical support.

Now  I  that the true owner of the account can not use, but who stole can

I feel robbed twice ...

This is very, very sad ......

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