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Texturing a very large mesh with quality

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Hi, I was wondering if there are any tips people can give me.  I'm texturing a sky platform for building on...it's 64mx64m (the largest size possible) and i'm using a 1024x2048 texture.  

My problem is that the texture isn't high enough quality...  when i apply it to my mesh inworld, and i zoom into the floor, it's very pixilated...  about as much as i would expect, but i want it to look sharper...

Now let me explain my current texture...  since the platform is essentially a giant square (minus all the details), i decided to unwrap one quarter of the platform so that it would simply be mirrored on all four sections of platform/giant square...  obviously to try and optimize the quality..  and the map is 1024x2048 because i have the top and the bottom of the quarter, and to keep it in good ratio, i made a UVW that's twice as wide as normal.  Obviously i could get more detail by making it 2048x2048, but to keep it in ratio and make good use of the space, i would have to break my UVW in more parts (which might be my only option).  

Based on all of this, is there anything that will boost my quality that won't require a UVW rework?  How would YOU texture a mesh that's 64mx64m?  

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Maximum texture resolution is 1024x1024, so 2048px will be shrunk (losing quality).

Split the space into separate faces if you need higher resolution. You can also increase texture repeats rather than increasing the texture size.

I'd say it's a pretty bad idea to expect a high level of detail on a surface 64m across without using repeats, and I'd recommend against using multiple 1024px textures since this will definitely slow down rez-speed.

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Use separate textures for coarse and fine detail. Here's an example:


This plane uses the two 512x512 diffuse and normal maps you can see below. The diffuse map is stretched across the entire plane while the normal map is tiled 64x64 times. In the background the normal map fades away (so the tiling won't become too obvious), but in the foreground it distracts from the pixelation of the diffuse map.



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I typically (well always I guess) tile a large ground area. I usually use a 1024 and turn it at 45 degrees or so which -- if practical -- often lessens the tiling effect at least from ground level.

Now I do NOT advise this as it is going to take a long while to load, but you COULD make a humongous texture in your graphics program. Divide that into quarter (very carefully) and then upload each piece as a 1024. This would give you the 2048 or so that you want. If you need a rectangle you could do something similar, just keeping the ratios as they should be.

Obviously you would need to map your platform for the four textures.

Keep in mind that if you do this, some folks will likely NEVER see your texture. There is a reason why 1024 is as big as it gets. For a long time it was 512. 1024 take FOUR TIMES longer to load then 512.


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