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Here's a great opportunity to live on a beautiful corner 6144m 1405prim snowy island corner parcel with 50% more prims and land than a standard 4096m parcel. This beautiful scenic parcel has great views of the SL moon rise out over the ocean. After Christmas, parcel will change back to tropical beach theme in keeping with the seasons. Until Christmas, purchase price of the land, with first week of tier included, is discounted 10% so don't wait! Come see where you'll want your home to be.
2150L$ per week maintenance fee, pay the first week's maintenance by buying the land and you're living here with us. IM Richie Kanto in world if you need details or to inquire about other properties for sale.

Come see for yourself our beautiful holiday season decorated land:

RM in winter.png

Below is a sample of what your home will look like after the snow melts (after Christmas).

Southern Sunset 2013 ~3.jpg

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