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Club staff needed urgently...


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Caitlin's Cove has 2 clubs on it that provide live entertainment currently we are concentrating on Elements Club and are looking for the following Staff
Bar Person
We also have a Greed or No Greed arena and are looking for a host for that to
Please contact either myself Milae Abbot (2013UK Resident) or my husband Mackenzie Abbot (charliereid78 Resident) we would love to hear from you the club is mixed genre and main opening hours currently 2am to 2pm SLT but if we have the staff we are willing to expand the hours very quickly
Look forward to hearing from you
Thank you
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I am a rather new player to Second Life, but have indeed figured it out already.

If you are interested in workers still, feel free to send me an IM later today.

I will happily fill any of those positions above. I am a pretty good worker.

If you are interested, feel free to contact me.

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