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Winter at Old Europe Dancing-Ice Skate-FREE Skates-Couples Skating-Make FREE Pottery for Gifts

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http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Old%20Europe/17/206/23real OLD EUROPE VILLAGE.png

Visit the enchanting Old Europe Village explore the village and shoppes and the surrounding area. Ice skate in the village square FREE skates available on ice dance,sit on the Christmas presents as they are loaded on the docks and they
are hoisted from the 2nd floor warehouse and driven by horse and wagon to the docks and be lifted by cranes and loaded on the boat.Largest scripted animated ride-scene in SL.Ride the ferris wheel or take a sleigh or a couples ice skating tour. 
Make FREE pottery at the Golden Oriole yours to keep or give copys to friends 33 different vases bowls plates to collect. Rezz and Fly WW1 airplanes behind the castle dogfight in the skys and shoot each other down.These planes really do shoot each other out of the skys easy to fly with a little practice and wear the FREE parachutes for added fun when your shot down and your above 100M will open automatically.Next door visit the Doc Martin TV series Village of Portwenn.
             'all the seasons call this home'






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