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Looking for Someone to take Commission for a Mesh Outfit

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I currently play a drag queen on SL, and finding clothes that fit is quite difficult.

I would very much like to find a builder of mesh clothes, who would be willing to work for commission.  I have many clothing design ideas...although right now I would love an outfit that mimics the lovely Manila Luzon's Gorilla Dress from her Bring It video.

If you are interested, please contact me inworld.

EventHorizon Darkthorn.

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Hi , i just want to say that nobody will help you have an outfit custom made unless you pay from 5 to 10 K L$  upfront.

thats the standards...


you can fit your clothes by selecting the add alpha layer to your avy..

its pretty basic and you should know that by now


you know what they say.. if clothes dont fit make your shape fit for it or use alpha layers for it

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