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Buying L$ Error?! 【 CLOSED 】

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Hello, everyone!

Does anyone have problems in buying L$ with Paypal? coz I do!

I'm having problems with buying L$ via web and in viewer.

it's my first time having this kind of problem though so it's really weird for me.

I have checked everything from my bank website whether if I have money or not but I do have~ 

I have tried buying so many times  and I still have the same error.


If you have same problems that I have and already fixed please tell me what you did~




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Hmmm I see, I hope so~

Ok, I just registered again new paypal last 2 days and got the code, everything was going smoothly and I can buy L$ again buuuut after I purchase 2 times of L$ there is this the same error again and I have tried so many times. It's kinda frustrating that is this is happening and I can't but L$... D:


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