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Rez Skin to Retexture?


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I had bought a new avatar that came mostly with only textures. It came with a Notecard with instructions: 

"You will need to rez the parts to wish to retexture on the ground and rename them so you remember what they are retextured as.

You take the texture from your inventory and drag it onto the piece on the ground to apply the texture. You may need to turn on transparencies to do some parts (Ctrl+Alt+T).

The texture named Body will have the main body, legs, arms, hands and fingers on it. The Skull has the head and all the eye presets.

The head can be tricky to get the texture on all the eyestates, im sorry theres no way around this."


This technique worked on the tail which came with the box I bought. I am having troubles with the skin as I can't place skin onto the ground. I know I can apply textures with lower and upper tattoos seperatly however the texture for the body is both top and bottom in one. 

I was able to rez a tiger head shape and apply the texture for the head, however the texture sits sideways and I am not sure if I can rotate or align the texture at all?

Any help or suggestions would be very appreciated.


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This sounds like a furry mod kit.

Do you have the furry avatar it is meant to mod? It sounds like you do.

For the skin - the way to do that is to create a new skin - on the inventory window at bottom left there's a '+' icon to make new things, skin is under body type.

Make a new skin and wear it - it will be some funky shade of peach. Right click the skin you are now wearing, from either inventory, or by right clicking your body, and choose to edit it (or edit skin if you clicked your body).

Up pops a window with a couple grey boxes on top and some sliders.

Into the grey boxes at top you put the new textures.

Then save it - and you now will have a new skin.

- Furry mod kits usually do this step for you, so they can lock down your ability to find the texture file. But some now give you the upper body texture file (or just its UUID) for making Lolas appliers. Smart ones just make that applier for you...



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