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Inworld Real Estate classes?


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Hello there everyone!

I was just wondering if there are any known real estate classes or instructions inworld. I understand it is a very specific and obscure request but I have been wanting to sharpen my skills in that area, specifically for use in Second Life to hopefully learn a few new skills. If anybody has any information on where I could learn any of this, please go ahead and post it.


I am highly interested in learning real estate and will take it seriously.

Thanks in advance.

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Innula Zenovka wrote:

Lindal Kidd teaches an excellent free class, every Friday, on land owning and land issues, at 5pm SLT at Caledon Oxbridge University.   

You should note that she does insist that attendees are naked, however, to minimise lag.

Well, she says that's the reason . . .


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CoalFelpz wrote:


And as for the naked thing, I have no issue with that lmao.

Thanks again both of you

Rudi was joking. Calledon is a G rated sim :)

Jezebele Dagger is putting a tutorial series together for hosting on the Adult Hub learning center, where nudity is allowed (though not required).

First parts afaik are up, but it's still under construction.

NCI also has some information, maybe even classes. Check their main location at Kuula.

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