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Communication costs.

steph Arnott

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It's another one of those "style" things mostly. If you know that you will always be looking only for Bob to say "Hello" on channel 87, then it's less work scripting llListen(87,"Bob","","Hello") than writing a couple of if tests to do the filtering later  It also means that the servers have fewer messages to pass along to you. The extra work for you or the servers is pretty minimal, though, so I wouldn't spend much time agonizing over it. 

If you know that you'll be using the same channel to receive messages from several people (or several messages from the same person), though, it doesn't make much sense to write




Keeping extra listen handlers open is wasteful, and it increases the chance that you'll forget to close one of them later. I also can't see much sense usually in specifying both a name and a UUID.  If you really need to be sure that you are listening for the right "Bob", just specify his UUID. 

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