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Looking For Security With Following


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Hi all


Im looking for a security orb that will do the usual stuff but one that also kicks from land if your looking over my land with camera view. Say you are staning on next parcel over and wish to peek into my land you want to use camera and i want the orb to kick a player that uses camera to do that. I think there is such a thing as im sure i have had that happen to me while viewing through a skybox at some point. I have searched the market but unsure on what im looking for. Lower the price for this the better but expect to pay a bit extra than a normal orb.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Hiding avatars

The owner of a parcel (or, for group-owned land, a group member with the necessary rights) can hide avatars and their chat from those outside the parcel. By default, parcels DO NOT have hidden avatars.

When enabled:

  • Those outside the parcel can't see avatars on the parcel and vice-versa.  Other objects are not affected (EXCEPTION: vehicles ridden by hidden avatars are also hidden.)
  • Those outside the parcel can't see nearby text chat from those on the parcel, and vice-versa.
Group text chat is not affected.

To be clear, when a parcel has avatars hidden, anyone outside the parcel cannot see (or communicate with) those on the parcel; conversely, if you are on the parcel, you can't see (or communicate with) anyone outside of it. The communication restrictions apply only to nearby (regular) chat, not group chat.

The world map and mini-map are unaffected. LSL sensors function normally, and detect the presence of avatars on parcels with this setting enabled.


To hide avatars on a parcel:

  1. Choose World > Place Profile > About Land or right-click on the parcel and choose About Land.
  2. Click the OPTIONS tab.
  3. Clear the Allow other Residents to / See and chat with residents on this parcel checkbox. By default, this checkbox is selected.
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UberSkills wrote:

Thank you for this information i was not aware of this


But if i have items on the land i do not want people to see, i can not use this feature ? 

It's not a feature that exists. At least not to my knowledge. I have never seen anything that boots based on (end) camera location. Only systems that boot based on avatar location.

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A few things:

1. You have no privacy in Second Life. It's an illusion. Yes, you can set your parcel so that those outside the parcel cannot see you, and so your chat and even avatar sounds don't cross the boundary, but the minimap still shows you're there. If someone crosses into your parcel, even at great distances above or below you, you can be seen and heard.

2. There's no way to kick a player based on camera position - or at least, no way to kick a player off one parcel for caming in on another as far as my own scripting knowledge goes. But, in reality, you have no real way of knowing if someone IS camming into your parcel unless their viewer is set to broadcast that information. Furthermore, Residents can cam across server boundries, negating even a parcel function that DID work. Always assume someone can see your butt.

3. Orbs are inworld objects, and this is the help wanted forum. You don't hire an orb, you buy/script one. :)

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