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Free Week on your 1/8 sim Seaside Sunrise retreat

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Holiday Land Sale!
From now through the 21st, rent for Four Weeks, and I will add an extra Week FREE!
When you purchase the land, that will cover your first week of rent, so the land actually costs nothing to buy. 


Ourhaven is a quiet, lag-free place for you to create your own tropical paradise. Because I live here myself, it will always stay that way. This isn't one of those places where your concerns will go unheard by some distant landlord; if there is anything you need, I'm online for hours very nearly every day, and I live just down the beach.

  • Full Terrain Rights, so you can shape your land to fulfill your own needs and dreams. I have a large stock of palm trees and other terrain elements, which you can use for free to create your own tropical paradise. The land is now as the previous tenant left it, but of course - with full terrain rights - you can change that, as you wish.

  • Very peaceful and exclusive.  At any given moment, there is a decent chance of you having the entire sim to yourself.

  • Ourhaven is "moderate", but here, that means that if you don't bother your neighbors, you can enjoy the privacy of your home as you please. 

If you have any questions, IM Ryonen Moon (Ryonen.resident).  If you need a different size of parcel than what you see, I would be very happy to discuss options with you. 



Ourhaven NE Quarter - 960x514 001.png 

 Ourhaven Ad Strip 2.png

Two 1/8 sim Beach-Front Parcels to choose from

8192 Square Meters (1/8 sim), Includes Bonus Prims: 2000 prims on either parcel
Or, if both are still open you can combine them get a considerable savings on rent, and have 4000 prims for your beach paradise.


Click link to Teleport to your new land:
This link takes you to a spot directly between the two open 1/8 parcels, both beach front property, one of them with beach on two sides.




IM: Ryonen.Moon (ryonen.resident), Owner



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