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I have been playing SL for a few months now and have a full membership, and rented land. I'm pretty familiar with SL, have a 5.1GHz PC w/ 3x 7950 GPU's and a Dedicated Airconditioner keeping it all cool.

Yet when I log into the game to stop by various places but no-one seems to chatty, I'm pretty friendly, and just looking to have a good time in-game. I am into all sorts of RP (No Vampire BS - Sorry Don't mean to offend) I am also into pretty much all Adult RP as well. I have the money to spend in world to buy any thing I need, but what I need to meet like minded people who can get me into the social situation a little more.

Feel free to contact me in-game, with either a notecard or a IM. I play pretty much daily. I'm GMT -8  (PST). I am online in the late evening to early morning for that timezone.

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