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Alternatives or Upgrades to Media On a Prim?

FD Spark


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Yeah it works fine now but that is not the point and your answer is actually not helpful nor what I was asking.
Its not going to be supported long.
Certain features I want to use it for I have limited ablity because I don't know how to fix the code so it would allow MOAP to work like it should work.
Have you ever even used MOAP recently?

It says on top of screen in their message warning Youtube is soon going to no longer support Safari.
That what it sees when you use MOAP on Youtube. I like not having to use another window when I am in world and I just discovered this feature and no one updated it in over three years and I am worried I am not watch videos on youtube while in my house.

I use Youtube and certain features with MOAP that I really like and want to continue using which unless there is another way I am no longer to be able to use it.
If I am going to have to open another window, I might as well close SL viewer too.
The point of having or using MOAP was so that I could do things in world not have to go another screen so no you have not answered my question or help with issue I want to figure out how to deal with. It doesn't work fine if I can't use it way I want and continue to use it way I want.

Its great feature but there like no support or updating at all for it and soon we aren't going have that feature because someone decided to build it into Safari.
I am shocked no one done anything more to improve or better it in over 5 years.  Five years ago my computer couldn't handle it now it can I get over 40 fps using it and the feature I would like to continue using is soon no longer going to be functional.

I see creative things I could do with to animate in world objects plus enternatinment of sharing films and learning programs in world. And its soon probably disable because there is no java support for it.

What I asked is there away to do work around  to use the MOAP feature into something that is better? Why hasn't anyone done it.


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I think it may be a combination of settings.  If your default web browser is Safari, and you have also set your SL preferences to use your default browser, it might be causing this.  See the excerpt below from the Knowledge Base:


The Setup tab of the PREFERNCES window (Me > Preferences) allows you to choose your default media browser for Second Life:

  • Use my browser (IE, Firefox, Safari): If you select this option, all web hyperlinks in Second Life open in your computer's default web browser (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer).
  • Use built-in browser:If you select this option, web hyperlinks in Second Life open inside Second Life's media browser. Use this option to view web content without switching away from the Second Life Viewer.
    • Enable plugins: Check to enable the built-in web browser to run plugins such as Flash.
    • Accept coolies: Cookies are bits of info stored by websties, used for a number of purposes, including personalizing content. If you have privacy concerns, reject cookies by unchecking this option.
    • Enable Javascript: Check to enable the built-in web brower to run Javascript on web pages.
    • Enable Web proxy: Check to set a web proxy to access Second Life in the Proxy location field. Enter the port in the port number field.


The Sound & Media tab includes a checkbox to Allow media to auto-play. If you check this box, media automatically plays when you enter a parcel with a media URL and media texture set. Otherwise, you have to play media manually.


The Media Browser window

The media browser is a specialized Mozilla web browser you can use inside Second Life. It does many of the same things a normal web browser can do; type in a URL and press Go to navigate to a new web page. The Back and Forward buttons help you navigate between previously-visited pages, and the Reload button refreshes your currently viewed media. The media browser also has a few buttons that are specific to Second Life:

  • Send Current Page to Parcel: When pressed, this button replaces your current parcel media URL with the URL loaded in the media browser. You must own the land you are standing on, or have sufficient group abilities on group-owned land in order to use this button.
  • Open in My Web Browser: Pressing this button opens the current media browser URL in your computer's default web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari). You may wish to use this option if web content is not displaying properly inside Second Life.
  • Always open in my web browser: If you check this box, web URLs always open in your computer's default browser. You can reverse this setting on the Setup tab of the PREFERENCES window.
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The thing is I don't even have Safari installed on my computer I figured it was thing about MOAP.

I hadn't thought about settings actually Lindal. How do you get them set right so MOAP responds and is read as java enable i.e., firefox or chrome instead of Safari?

My current settings under use my browser i.e, firefox,safari are all checked and I have it set for install automatically.

But Youtube and other java based programs still read that MOAP is browser program with no java, out to date version of Safari which I don't own.

I would like to continue to use MOAP to watch youtube videos in world, heck I would like my avatar to be able use ratemydrawings graphic tools and actually be able to save the file without losing it.

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