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Come home to us for Christmas

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Come enjoy Christmas in your home on our beautifully snowy mountain woodland themed SIM. 1/4 SIM (16,384 meters & 3750 prims) available for purchase. Weekly maintenance 5299L$. Purchase price, which includes the first week maintenance, reduced 10% to 4769L$ ONLY until Christmas Eve so come buy now.

Put down the first week by buying the land (we've discounted it 10% only until Christmas... as our gift to you). Winter has come to the forest just in time for Christmas... and after the holiday if you stay the land will turn green and Spring will arrive. Come enjoy Christmas on land with a real winter feel... ready to move into no work no fuss.

IM Richie Kanto in world if you need details.


Your new home (no it's not a postcard... actual photo of parcel being sold here):

NW forest in winter.png

Summer look after the snow melts


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